9 Unknown fact of Dawood Ibrahim

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After giving the capital punishment to Yaqub . Under world gangster were thrilled . Here is one gangster whose name is Dawood Ibrahim. who is on the 3rd place of the 10  top list of the gangster in the world as a criminal. Dawood Ibrahim is in famous gangster.

  1.  Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter married with a son of Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad.
  2.  He is the owner of huge empire in Pakistan, India and Dubai more than 50000.  His work is illegal activities, smuggling weapons and drugs.
  3. He organised and support financially in Bombay blast in 1993 .
  4. In 2003 US confirmed him as a Terrorist and believed he is getting financial support from Al Qaida.
  5. Bollywood made several movies which are based on his life movie are Black friday, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Once upon a time in Mumbai.
  6. He is a man of women and wine. He throw the party to the Bollywood with no option to attend . They have to attend the party willy nilly.
  7. Last year mandakni cleared that she has an affair with Dawood.
  8. His Health is broken now a days so he need permission to come out from his house.
  9. All force of India want to catch him they reward for him $25million.

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