A owner of 3 firms rejected Handicapped quota

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Ajit Babu who is 26 year old having 3 firms. He is handicapped by the birth suffering from cerebral palsy when he born, his weight was 1.4 kg . he studied in the best school of Calcutta but his growth was less than his age group. after completing his studies he gave entrance exam to get the govt job, when his father said to him, you to roll yourself in handicapped and get the job easily . he denied and start to do work of media advertising and set up his own 3 firms. Initially he start the firm street light media which work to do ads for clients, videos and TV shows.
In 2012 he stared to do consulting on brand. He thought about the life hack innovation.

When Nepal was hit by earthquake i was shattered to think about them. How will they start their life with nothing . one idea stuck in his mind when all smoker were sitting in the pub and no charging point was there . Every one was asking for power bank to another person for charging their phone. So he thought it must be something like that. and he started to work on it. which takes power from Solar system.

Only one thing was stopping him that was money. He has to have near 7 lacks amount  to set up the company so one day he advertise his view on Facebook and one person call him to give cash for this project. He got the cash and made a team of five members of Life hack innovation. The first product will be launch in October 2015 the product  will be solar and wind-powered portable power bank, it can be charged by electricity too.

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