A real Vicky Donar who has 800 children in 16 years.

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Simon Watson a Britain citizen is a father of 800 children in 16 years. If you are thinking about that so it is not just like that. He is a sperm donor. He sells his sperm as a Donor through over Facebook just for 50 dollars. He uses to give a sperm to the lesbians.

He wants to increase the number till to 1000 in next 4 years. He never met with the children. But he met with one of them in a Royal Botanical garden few months back.

He described that he delivered his sperm not only for the particular place but also in UK, Taiwan, Poland, Spain and Ireland.

He memorised his first sperm delivered that his sperm has been taken from his home to Mum in London. And for the second delivery he went to her home, taken the syringe and sterile pot.

He said that he never goes to close with his client. He offered only hello and give them sterile and syringe. Even some of them say to him for s*** he denied due to consciousness for his health. Even some of the clients don’t tell their name because they are afraid that i will poke my nose into their lives. Some of them say to be visit occasionally like on the birthday party, Christmas Eve.

We finally find a Vicky donor who brings the hope and smile on he face of those couple who can’t become the parents.

Source :- Cultnuts

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Vicky Donar

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