Amazing Reply of Mukesh Ambani (reliance group) to a girl

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A pretty girl asked Mukesh Ambani what are the parameters to find out the rich man to marry. She mailed him

Dear sir,

I am 25 year old. I have a good taste of style and fashion. Being honest i want to merry with a guy whose earning must be 100 Cr per Annum or more than. Now you are thinking that i am greedy but to be frank 2 Cr is for the middle class.

She said i dated with many rich guys and highest limit was 50 Cr. per Annum which is not sufficient to purchase a high class resident in a Newyork in a residential area. I don’t think my expectation is too much high.

May i know all rich guy already married ?

Question has been asked by her

She asked where rich bachelors hang out she wanted to know the address of the place where rich guys comes in other words she wanted to know the name of bars, restaurant, gym. She further asked in which age guys become millionaire.

Why average looking girl becomes the wives of rich guys?

Hi Pooja

Hows you? Hope doing well. I  read your post thoroughly. It is not only you. Such question are most of the girls having desire same. I want to analyse you as professional investors.

As a point of view of a investor if i will marry with you it would be wrong decision. Answer is very simple.

As you told you are beautiful and you want to exchange your beauty with money. But your beauty will fade after 10 to 15 years and my money will increase day by day . My money will not lost with any good reason.

I am explaining that you are depreciation asset and i am appreciation assets. and your depreciation is not normal assets and it is completely exponential. which will be worse after 15 years. As a trading point,  dating with you is a good option. and dating is considered as a tradition position. and trading value dropped and we can sell it  It is not good idea to keep it for a long time. Same as marry with you it is not good idea . Sorry for harsh words but a wise decision is to sold the assets which are having depreciation value will be sold or leased.

And the person whose salary is above 100 cr is not a fool. who will marry with you. so drop the idea to find out the option  to get marry with rich person.Instead of finding a rich person you must be do efforts on you and become yourself the person who can earn 100 cr. It is great idea and you can easily find out your rich fool.

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