Arjun Kapoor

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The most demanding prince charming Arjun  Kapoor . is  also leading by Chetan Bhafat 2 states . is also cu waited  film  by public … hope  this  most  awaited film  2 states  get a gud  response by public . Arjun  says  I kisss well . Alia Bhatt .. 2 states started dominating  the cir  waves  . the  sizzling  chemistry  between Alia  Bhattt  & Arjun Kapoor   was  become a  talking  point in the   Bollywood.I  never  thought Alia  Bhatt  would  be  such  a good   actresss  :-Arjun  Kapoor .  Arjun  Kapoor  spells  the  bean on  being  the   typical   Punjabi , nerdy  cute  Krish  his  much  talked  , about  intimate , scene with  Alia in 2states . Arjun  Kapoor  why did Arjun Kapoor ‘s mother call up Salman  Khan before she  passed  away …..

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arjun kapoor

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