Best Catch Ever in IPL & Cricket History by Chris Lynn Video

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Chris Lynn Video
Chirs Lynn pulled of a stunner, an absolutely stunning catch which eventually won the game for Kolkata Knight Riders against Royal Challengers Banglore. Chris Lynn became an overnight internet sensation with a spectacular leaping catch on the boundary that saved the match for the Kolkota Knight Riders.

You can watch the video here: Chris Lynn Best Catch

He knows the catch should have been a regulation chance, a bread-and-butter opportunity for a decent fielder on the rope. But this was the third last ball of the Royal Challengers Bangalore innings, it was hit by AB de Villiers, and its flat trajectory would have taken it over the rope for a match-winning six without intervention.

“I fell over,” Lynn admitted to today. “The ball was hit probably 10 metres to my left and I overran it a little bit. As I tried to stop, I slipped and then had to try and recover.

“I didn’t want to end up looking pretty silly. Sometimes they stick and sometimes they don’t.”

Stick it did, Lynn’s hands also grasping victory for Kolkata.

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