Bollywood stars are popular around the world

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Shahrukh Khan is the king of many Indians . A large number of Indians are fan of him . He rules not only in Indians heart but also across the world. He has a audience in Europe , America and India.
Irfan Khan is well known in America after making the movie life of Pie and Slumdog Millionaire, namesake, The amazing spider man, made him popular across the world.
Dev Patel become the star after making the Slumdog millionaire, The best exotic marigold Hotel.Slumdog millionaire become blockbuster all over world.
Frieda pinto is also the actress of slumdog millionaire and get popularity all over the world. And now she is the ambassador of L’Oreal .
Kunal Nayyar is better known Raj Koothrapali whose role was popular as he cant speak with women in the movie The Big Bang Theory.
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Dev Patel

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