दो निडर बच्चे परिवार की जान बचाने के खातिर इस खतरनाक सांप से भीड़ गए


बोहत ही चोकाने की बात है के कंबोडिया के बच्चो ने पानी वाला सांप पकड़ा | आज हम आप को एक ऐसी विडियो बाटेंगे जिसमे कंबोडिया के दो बच्चो ने बांस के बने एक टोकरी से मछलिया और पानी वाला सांप पकड़ा |इस विडियो के बारे में बताने से पहले हम आप को ये बताना चाहते है के कंबोडिया के ...

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TV Actresses Shocking Transformation Post Divorce And Break-Up


Here is a rundown of a couple VIP divas that got heads turning post their breakups and Divorce.

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एक बच्चा जिसका शरीर अचानक बन जाता है पत्थर का , डॉक्टर्स हुए हैरान !!


आज के योग कुछ न कुछ अजीबो गरीब होता ही रहता है जिसको जान कर हम खुद हैरान हो जाते है जैसे पॉल करसो नाम का एक व्यक्ति 17 साल उम्र में अगारिया नामक रोग की चपेट में आ गए थे। उस बिमारी के कारण उनका स्किन का कलर नीला पड़ गया था | इसी के साथ 31 वर्ष के ...

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Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity at early age


Virgin has a major part in individuals’ life. It is additionally directs for famous people. In today’s situation numerous enormous superstars lost their virginity with their accomplices. You like numerous famous people yet you will stun in the wake of realizing that you most loved one lost their virginity. These first felt in adoration with their accomplices then overlook everything ...

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Alert Jio Users! A Huge Bills will soon knock your Door


These days Jio clients are considered as most joyful living animal on the planet, as they are getting a charge out of boundless 4G web since long. In spite of the fact that some client grumbles about system issues yet most extreme open are glad about utilizing JIO.It was practically beside difficult to state NO to the Mukesh Ambani’s Jio ...

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Bigg Boss Fame Santosh Shukla Celebrating Diwali with Beautiful Actress Diana Khan


Recently Sabtosh Shukla Spotted with Beauty Queen Diana Khan in Diwali Celebration Funtion . Santosh Shukla is an Indian television actor, who was earlier seen in soaps like Koi Sapno Ke Deep Jalaye, Jai Santoshi Maa, Jai Jai Shiv Shankar and many more. He made his Bollywood debut from film Jai Ho, which released in 2014. He was also seen ...

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10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

10 country girls

Woman in the world is a beautiful gift of God. Most of the women are beautiful. They are gorgeous and stunning in the world .Some of the countries is known for the beauty of the women. Here are some countries which are known across the world for the woman beauty. Venezuela:- Venezuela is having many beautiful Miss Universe and Miss ...

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Stunning Dance performance by a girl and boy who shocked the audience


On the cultural programme, one guy and girl performed dance on the stage their dance was stunning and they dance a lot. Their step of dance was shocked a lot to all audience. All audience was whistling while they were watching the dance. They get a lot of appreciation from the audience. Source :- kapilsharmafc  

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7 Important Do’s And Don’ts About Sleeping During Pregnancy


Whole body of everywoman can change during pregnancy. Changes of woman body are totally different and uncomfortable with walking, standing and sitting. So that, woman faced many problems. Sleeping problem is the one from those problems. Everywoman should change sleeping position during pregnancy for relaxation in back pain, shortness of breath. So here we show you some important things about ...

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Do yu have dimples on your back


Human body says lots of thing about human. But generally people don’t aware from these things. Hidden dimples on the butt are the one from those things. These dimples are also known as butt dimples, back dimples and Venus holes. These holes are the mark of beauty signs. These holes generated through small ligament stretching the skin and spine. So, ...

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