Most expensive part of Body

Kim Kardashian Insured Butt 21 Million Dollar

Body part is the gift of the God. This is the precious gift . People says their smile, lips, eyes are beautiful and biggest assets to their life. Now many people insured not only for a little dollars and they spent a  lot of bugs to attract and made a gorgeous part of the body. which become the most expensive ...

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42 feet whale on the beach near Mumbai


The biggest sea animal Gaint blue whale found at the Alibaugh beach which is situated near Mumbai. when she was washed up she was alive but died after one day.60 villagers,  forest officials as well as coast guards efforts 10 hours to rescue from her but at the end of the day all fails. this incident happened first time that ...

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Wedding ceremony big bash


Wedding ceremony in India is a very popular . Celeb’s wedding ceremony is a big bash. for their status. Through ceremony they show their status. So they spend a lot on marriage.. Here is a list of celeb’s marriage.. Shah rukh Khan badhshaw of the Bollywood merry with Gauri Khan spend 1 Cr on wedding ceremony. When Amir marry with ...

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Most controversial issue of Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta’s

Preity Zinta Bollywood actress who has dimpled and she is bubbly actress whose smile spread the smile on every one face . She is very popular star of her time she almost left the Bollywood but she always being in a news for controversies. From Sanjay Kapoor affairs to Ness . We disclose her 10 top controversies.. Some pics  of ...

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Ridiculous Selfies Gone Wrong

36 Ridiculous Selfies Gone Wrong (21)

Selfies pics are now in the trend. but we have to need some thing to catch perfect selfies but such type of selfies are amazing . We have some selfies which make you smile. Source:-trending report Found this content disturbing or inciting religious hatred ? Please report [email protected]

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Mad Hilarious people


Everybody is fond of anything. Some are fond of music, some are fond of coins.Some are of movie buff,some are philatelist some likes pet. Some people like gardening but some people are having different interest which make shocked to see. Here are a list of a people who are having a different type of animals which is not possible for ...

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Beware of..while video calling on web cam

Private Chat Is Not So Private After All (1)

Beware  of cyber crime. Now a days boys and girls do long chat over night and talk about all privacy. Most of the cases are coming of committed suicide that their videos or pics are downloaded on social sites So be careful while chatting and video calling. your webcam can  be hacked. Source :- Indi Viral  Found this content disturbing or ...

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Most powerful WWE Superstars


WWE is one of the famous game in the sport world. It has a huge audience. Male and female play this game. Here are the list of the Male most powerful WWE are :- Found this content disturbing or inciting religious hatred ? Please report [email protected]  

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A Cat Told Us The True Meaning Of Love


This will melt your heart.. This is how actual love is supposed to be. Cat waited so long to get alive again but a dead thing can never get a same life again. These pictures makes feel the pain. It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow . Human Being Lost His Humanity still animal has. Source ...

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Amazed activities as a athletics


A person is having a wonderful athletic power who amazed the spectators and it seems that he doesn’t h bones in his whole body. He moves his body as a athletic in a wonderful way. People hooting at his activities. He is the best performer . Source  :- Found this content disturbing or inciting religious hatred ? Please report [email protected]

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