Jiah Khan Death Mystery Resolved: CBI makes shocking revelations


CBI on Monday made some truly dumbfounding disclosures in Jiah Khan passing case. While educating the Bombay High Court about Jiah Khan case CBI group had precluded murder. While tending to the seat of Justice Naresh Patil and Justice Prakash Naikthe, Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh expressed that CBI has no motivation to secure the charged (on-screen character Sooraj Pancholi) ...

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How can fat reduce with in a mint.


Everyone wants to be looks smart and want to maintain their figure. So they do a lot of efforts .They do a lot of exercise and treadmills, jogging. But do you know apart from these the best exercise is aerobics. You can give only 1-3 mints and see miracle. Here is a aerobics in which you have to press the ...

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6000 match sticks produce radiance

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We do many adventures in our daily life. It is one of the most amazing things a guy has done. A guy collected 6000 matches together and put them into square and burnt them. He light up them all and it was amazing scene like dominoes. After lighting up all match sticks together the radiant’s comes out from the flames.

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Amazing way to whiten teeth


Many people suffering from yellow teeth problem. This is very important health issue. Many products claim to give white teeth like close-up diamond, colgate optic white etc. People use these products to get rid from this yellow teeth problem. All available products are not comparable to natural products because natural products give you more sparkling white teeth than others. In ...

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Do You want to know your future


Do you want to know about your life partner? Well approx every person say yes on this question but don’t know how to know. The answer is in your palm. Yes, don’t shock because it is totally right. Your palm says many thinks about your marriage. Match your palm with below given images and read the content about your marriage. ...

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Longest Snake of the world


Biggest snake ever in the world noticed in Malaysia. The gigantic snake is 55 ft lengthy. Many biggest snakes like Boas, anacondas and pythons are caught in Malaysia till now. But this is the biggest one ever. You can see the world’s greatest snake in given picture. The most shocking picture astonished with fear to everyone.

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Meet World’s Fattest Child who is 10-year-old, Weighs 192 Kg


You have seen many fatty children in your life. but this is the most unforgetable child who has a flesh 192 kg and you will be shocked after hearing his age. His age is only 10 years but he is 192 kg. Arya Permana a 10 year old boy from Indonesia who is in news everywhere for his gigantc weight ...

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Snake dine crocodile for his dinner


A terrifying thing befell in Australia. After seeing these photos and video, you may Goosebumps due to the fact video is associated with a massive combat of Crocodile and a snake. Crocodile swallowed a snake in only 10 minutes and crocodile misplaced his existence.

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Female actors who died at early age


In Bollywood industry, so many actresses died in their younger age . Some of them committed suicide , some of them killed by their closest persons and some reasons of actresses dead are presently mystery . Actresses who took step of suicide have no patience . They are so busy in their profession work and live a stressful life .They ...

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Rahul slapped Pratyusha before Suicide


Pratyusha Banerjee was a young and gorgeous actor. She is well known by the character of Anandi in Balika wadhu. She was hanged in her apartment around 4 PM in the evening. They both were living in the live-in relationship in 2 bedroom apartment. they both have the main door key . Pratyusha used to keep one key and another key was with ...

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