Celebrities are in a anger moment

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Virat Kohli flew away on the day of concluded world cup when he heard about his love life. He lost his tempered.
Ranveer Kapoor saw his article  in a interview and lost his temperature when he came to know that he is in depression along with Depika .After reading this he misbehaved with writer and asked questions to the media rant.
Salman khan is well known to lose his temperature in media . Many photographers have wrath of his ire.
Ranbir kapoor was out of control when he saw a cluster of photo graphers surrounding his apartment he decided to fight with them on breach his privacy and chasing him.
Arjun Rampal is a  known as a part of suzzain and Hritik roshan decision to be apart. But arjun found himself unwittingly to drawn out from this fray.when a daily leading cleared that arjun Rampal is the reason of the transcended the platonic .
Deepika padukone was anger on media when the matter of cleavage has been raised.

Source : bluegape.com

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