Celebrities ended up their Relations

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Women are supposed to be dominated  to a men . They fall in love with each other but due to some reason their harmony relationship goes to worst. They end up their Abusive relationship.

Aishwarya Rai ends up her relationship with Salman Khan when he abused physically and slapped her.So Aishwarya decided to end up this relationship.

Zeenat Amaan yesterday beauty and Sanjay Khan Bollywood actor had been abusive relationship . Sanjay Khan assaulted Zeenat Amaan in publically.

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly  married with each other through Swayamvar. But this marriage could not be succeed. Dimpy gave the statement that when he is angry he beat and used abusive language.

Ranvir Shorey and Pooja Bhatt ended up their relationship with a note that he was drunk and assaulted  her and used abusive language.

Shewata Tiwari and Raja ended 14 years marriage . Raja badly abused physically Shewta when he come to home at night she bear him a lot but when enough is enough she ended her marriage through divorce.

Ness Vadia and Priety Zinta dint disclose their relationship in public but she confessed that Vadia through burning cigarette on her and used verbally abused her in IPL. so she charged the file against him.

Aditya Panscholi and Kangana Raunat ended their relation when Aditya assaulted her. Even Aditya was her God father to make career in Bollywood Industry.

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