Ek villian Movie Review

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Director mohit suri who made ek villian is a mixture of all masala . It is a mixture of romance revenge thrills and murder . 

Siddharth malhotra is a tough guy whose parents are killed in his childhood. He become orphan and live his life to take revenge of his parents murder. on of the gangster adopt him and brought him and make him gunda who never afraid to death.He doesnot love his life. and he doesnot have mercy for another.


Aisha live her life for others .she always smile for others and help them.she is a suffering from a disease which is a cause of death.but siddharth protects her life after getting her treatment.


Deshmukh is playing a serial murderer role in this movie . His performance is good.


This movie made 16.72 crores rs on a first day. Salman khans movie jai ho earned first day 17 crore and this movie earned 16.72 crores. a very little bit differnce has left.

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