Here are four reasons to watch Bigg Boss this weekend.

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After a fairly dull and disappointing begin, ‘Bigg Boss 10′ at long last appears to get pace.
The undertakings are getting additionally intriguing, the progression inside the challengers have started to shake and the producers are good to go to take it up a score by presenting new players in the diversion.

Yes, it’s the ideal opportunity for the quite held up trump card contenders!
4 new individuals will go into the house this end of the week and resembles, poo will get genuine! Investigate.
To put it plainly , season 10 just got all the more fascinating.

Sahil Anand Looks commonplace? All things considered, you saw this buddy in 'Understudy Of the Year'. He likewise happens to be an ex-Roadie. Obviously, how could the show ever be finished without a Roadie in it! Sahil Anand is prepared to set foot in the Bigg Boss House and we truly trust he's as engaging as he was in 'SOTY'.

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