Heinous activity of father will shattered your whole body

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Heinous activity of father will shattered your whole body
Here is a heinous and cruelty incident of a man who is 40 years old and molesting his daughter last 10 years. Now the girl is 21 year old and he is raping her again and again. His wife knows it. And she warned her not to do it again. And he gave words to her but he dint leave it whenever he found his daughter alone he raped her. Even he knows that he is suffering from Aids. He kept physically assaulting her. The cruelty of height came when his young daughter whose age is only 10 years he tried to rape her. When an elder daughter saw that he is doing rape with her younger sister she run away to protect he and went to neighbor. His wife knows it but she was helpless due to afraid that he will be victim and went to jail who will earn for them so she dint disclose this matter to anyone. By profession a man is carpenter.
But when he started to do with his younger sister then she couldn’t control herself. And she report to the police station.
First of all he denied against of all charges but at last he has to accept when his younger daughter gave her statement against of him.
Even he knows that he is ill from Aids and his both daughters are not safe by health. They are under in medical check and getting treatment from Shatabdi Hospital.

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