Hollywood actors are Mom’s child

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Justin Timberlake prove that he is a mom’s child by attending Oscars along with her mother instead of his finance whose name is Jessica Biel. He also put the tattoo of his mom on his back.
Leo won’t date Di Caprio if his mother doesn’t like. His mother used to go for outing along with him and they constantly photography and eating together.His mother doesn’t like his lady friend she dint go well along with them. No matter how she is hot.
Ryan Gosling adore his mother a lot . Weather it is on red carpet, work and even on dates his mother always seen with her. Many chicks wants that she must be mother of him so that they can spend a lot of time with him.
Normen Bates says in one interview if i have given a option to marry. I marry with my mom. I would. If she were not my mom. He continue says about his mother that Shia La Beouf is the sexiest woman and she speaks highly about her that she is an angel.
Elivs share his bed with his mom . They called each other by their pet names, they talk as a childish talk, when his mother died he left alone. and he was mentally disturbed after loosing his mom.
Braff admitted that he is a mom’s child he said that he will return the bike if his mother disapproved. it is very  tough decision.
Kimye was also a mom’s child when his parents got divorced he was only three years. His mother moved towards Chicago along him. his mother was a professor in English department at two different universities. she was no more in  2007.
Biebs’ mom was a single parent of him. He adore his mother a lot because she brought him up with the help of her parents.

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Braff with Mom

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