Hottest Female CEO of Companies in the World

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Society is man dominating but now women are also giving them the hard competition. Beauty with Brain is a phares which is used for the women there are many women who are running company in a very easy way as they are CEO’s of the MNC. They are hottest female and doing their job very efficiently.As of now women are every arena of life doing equally well.

Hilary Rowland as a CEO of the two web companies Urbanette Magazine and New face.She launched online mags for teenager.

Nina Godiwalla is a CEO of Mind works who provide the service of stress management to the corporate.She is beautiful as well as mentally smart. She write a book A Woman on the Wall Street.

Julie Smolyansky is a President and CEO of natural foods powerhouse Lifeway Foods.She is one of the most beautiful girl who started to do the work at the age of 27.

Leslie Blodgett, Jesse Cook Draper, Kari Adams, Tyra Banks, Kathy Ireland, Claire Chamber they all are CEO in a big company and most beautiful women.

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