if you adore these fake Godman you must be slapped.

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Indians are easy to be gullible. Many of self said Godman do preach but do the hillarious things . Many investigations proved it .
Here are the list of the Godman to whom many Indians go to them,adore them recite their name, and feel that their problem will be solved because of them.
Satya Sai Baba: Accordingly seriuos I investigation he used to do sexually harrasment of the young men and molest them.
Asaram Babu: A very stylished Godman used to do sexually activities with girl in her ashram, his son also doing the same. Asaram investing in US firms  and bribing for officially.
Swami Nithyanand: He also accused for physically abuse women ,raped them and convicted and jailed for intoxicating women in his ashram.
Rampal is one of them who said self God man. Haryana and Punjab high court jailed him on nonbailable warrent .He used to intoxicating the girls and raped them while they are sleeping.

Radhe Maa is in buzz when she was convicted for Dowry case.Another issue when she posses for the camera in mini .A lawyer filed against her with the police that she is a fake God woman who excited her follwers to kiss and hug her. She is befooling innocent peiple who adore her a lot.

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Asha Ram

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