Love stories in Bollywood that went sour

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So here we drill down all the incident romantic tales in tinsel town that sadly hit a rough fix and went done for:

Sahil Khan and Ayesha Shroff: On-screen character Sahil Khan of "Style" acclaim was obviously in an association with performing artist Jackie Shroff's film maker spouse Ayesha Shroff. The two were business accomplices and Ayesha has dependably prevented from securing having an association with the on-screen character. Ayesha had recorded a police dissension against Khan in November claiming that he had bamboozled her to the tune of Rs 5 crore. Khan had challenged the claim saying that she had spent the cash on him as they were taking part in an extramarital entanglements and Ayesha had struck back saying Khan was gay. Accordingly, Sahil had said to a main newspaper, "Yes, my legal advisor has asked for the court to hold an in-camera trial to uncover reality on the grounds that there are some cozy pictures of me and Ayesha which we need to show to the court. Ayesha has said such a large number of things in regards to me — that I am gay and that we didn't have physical relations — and she has abandoned me no decision however to take every one of these things to general society."

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