Mistake in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

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Some Mistake in Bajrangi Bhaijaan are Below

Salman Khan dint exchange the currency of India into Pakistaan but he paid the dhabawala and hope dhabawala accepeted indian currency with saying anything.

Narowal is not the part of Kashmir. Its not a hill station and thereis no snow fall. It is in the Punjab.

Nawazuddin’s appeal for Salman Khan in Pakistan and pakistani are watching this appeal which has been published in Youtube.However, In reality Youtube is banned in Pakistan.

In the movie Hanuman Chalisa verse has been recited which is wrong recita. It is a biggest blunder by the actor and the writer. Right verse is “Sankat kate Mite sab pira”, instead of “Sankat hare Mite sab Pira”,.

Same match has been telecast in the movie twice when Munni was in Pakistan India and Pakistan was playing the world cup 2014 same match was telecast when she was about to take birth.

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Salman Khan gets Pakistani currency from nowhere

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