Om Puri’s Ex-Wife Nandita Reveals What Exactly Happened The Night Before His Death

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Om Puri’s demise taking after a heart assault stunned the nation a week ago, and numerous from the film business grieved the passing of the unbelievable on-screen character. While the after death reports recommended that he didn’t have a characteristic death.When the police touched base at Puri’s living arrangement in Oshiwara, his body was discovered lying on the floor, with a damage on his head.

In his announcement, Kidwai has said that Om Puri was to a great degree irritated the prior night he passed away. He stated, “Om Puri needed to meet his child Ishan on Thursday evening. So we (Kidwai and Om Puri) went to Trishul building where his ex Nandita lives with Ishan yet were not able meet them as both Nandita and Ishan hosted gone for a gathering.”

He additionally included, “Om Puri then had a contention via telephone with Nandita and requesting that they come soon as he needed to meet his child. He poured a savor his glass and sat tight for very nearly 45 minutes at Nandita’s level. Be that as it may, when they didn’t turn up, he took the glass and alcohol bottle and began savoring the auto. In the wake of completing the drink, we cleared out.”

Taking after every one of the hypotheses encompassing his claimed unnatural passing, Nandita at long last ended her hush and told a main day by day:

“We should go for Pankaj Kapur’s little girl, Sana, and Pahwa’s child, Mayank’s engagement function. Om called me and when we arrived, he achieved my home. He went up to my mother and stated, “kya budhia, kyun sadd rahi hai yahan. Tu bhi unimportant saath swarg chal.” He was in high spirits. He called me again and stated, “Tum aur Ishaan jaldi aa jao.” I let him know we’d see him later. When he called me once more, I let him know, “It’s past the point of no return, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Ishaan despite everything I lament not seeing him that day. Ishaan would have been with him on January 8, 9 and 10 for the shooting of Tubelight, and they were to make a beeline for Khandala from that point”.

“We were not separated are still lawfully wedded. We had a detachment. Trishul is his home and my conjugal home. By the Hindu law, he was permitted one spouse. It can be an ex and a present spouse. Om had just a single spouse. He helped his nephews and outsiders, yet now when his child needs him, he is no more. I’ll miss him frightfully on the grounds that he is a propensity. I have spent the longest piece of my existence with him more than my child or my folks” Nandita included.

The police didn't consider the case important notwithstanding when they detected a treachery in the on-screen character's demise. Well! it would appear that now there is a wind in the story. Om Puri's driver cum companion Khalid Kidwai discharged an announcement that may incite interest among the country.

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