Priyanka Chopra Injured On Quantico Sets

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Quantico is Priyanka Chopra’s greatest residency around the world. It is an activity dramatization arrangement which is a fruitful hit. A ton of activity is required for the show as well. Priyanka Chopra harmed herself amid an extraordinary activity scene shoot.

She was attempting to play out a risky trick and slipped. She hit the floor with her head and raced to clinic. Individuals from the cast recount the whole story of the episode. They uncovered that it was just a minor occurrence. Priyanka Chopra was released from the healing center really soon. Her damage is mending quite well.

Priyanka’s representative affirmed the news and stated, “Yes, I can affirm there was a minor occurrence the previous evening on set. Priyanka was quickly taken to the healing center, analyzed by a specialist and released. She is probably going to resume work after the end of the week.”

Priyanka Chopra harmed herself before as well. :Wounds are not new to her. She was harmed before on the shoot as well. When she arrived at the airplane terminal and spotted with a mortar. It turned out to be certain that she was harmed. In any case, the way she holds herself makes it an amazing thing.

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