Really Shameful Ab to animals bhi save nhi rhe

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Now a days girls are not safe.  It has been shown in the graph of crime. But animals are  not safe from the rapist seems awkward.  A Rular Dinesh who lived in a Bulland Shahar village got a crazy to satisfy his physical desire that he was not able to find a girl so he raped a calf of his neighbor Satpal. It is hilarious crime.

Incident took place when Satpal was  not at home went to out due to work. Dinesh was looking forward the situation and he intercourse the calf .

Satpal charged the file against of Dinesh. Under the Indian  law in section 377 It is to be said that it is crime to do unnatural intercourse with woman man and animal. If the  allegation found to be truth he will be  sentenced of 10 years jail.

Another incident took place in Kanpur where a man took the goat in the jungle and raped her.

Kya kal yug aa gaya


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