Reason Behind Why Salman Signed Sultaan!!

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Now it is the burning news and it is going into the market that like a hot cake in the market about Salman Khan upcoming movie sultan . The teaser of Salman khan is mind blowing and refreshing the mind of the audience and every one is waiting for the movie impatiently. His first teaser of this movie is stunning in which Salman playing the wrestling.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar captured the mind of the audience only by his teaser of his movie. Audience like his Machu side of his Lovely Salman Khan.
It is also a burning question at the age of 50 years why Salman Khan signed this movie. We hope most of the them don’t know why Salman has signed this but among those who don’t know about this reason then let me know that he why he signed this movie. When this question has been asked to him he said that he wants to feel pain of learning.

In this movie he wants to show why pain of feeling take a person to  the next level. because of this he wants to get back . And he want to get pain back again. This is incredible.

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