REsponse Of Mukesh Ambani Of A Question Asked By A Beautiful Girl

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A pretty girl asked Mukesh Ambani what are the parameters to find out the rich man to marry. She mailed him
Dear sir,
I am 25 year old. I have a good taste of style and fashion. Being honest i want to merry with a guy whose earning must be 100 Cr per Annum or more than. Now you are thinking that i am greedy but to be frank 2 Cr is for the middle class.
She said i dated with many rich guys and highest limit was 50 Cr. per Annum which is not sufficient to purchase a high class resident in a Newyork in a residential area. I don’t think my expectation is too much high.
May i know all rich guy already married ?
Question has been asked by her
She asked where rich bachelors hang out she wanted to know the address of the place where rich guys comes in other words she wanted to know the name of bars, restaurant, gym. She further asked in which age guys become millionaire.

Why normal looking young lady turns into the spouses of rich folks?

Hello there Pooja

Hows you? Trust doing admirably. I read your post altogether. It is not just you. Such question are a large portion of the young ladies having wish same. I need to examine you as expert financial specialists.

As a perspective of a financial specialist on the off chance that i will wed with you it would not be right choice. Answer is extremely basic.

As you let you know are wonderful and you need to trade your excellence with cash. Be that as it may, your excellence will blur following 10 to 15 years and my cash will build step by step . My cash won’t lost with any justifiable reason.

I am clarifying that you are devaluation resource and i am thankfulness resources. what’s more, your deterioration is not ordinary resources and it is totally exponential. which will be more terrible following 15 years. As an exchanging point, dating with you is a decent alternative. what’s more, dating is considered as a convention position. also, exchanging esteem dropped and we can offer It is bad thought to keep it for quite a while. Same as wed with you it is bad thought . Sorry for brutal words yet a shrewd choice is to sold the benefits which are having deterioration esteem will be sold or rented.

What’s more, the individual whose compensation is over 100 cr is not a trick. who will wed with you. so drop the thought to discover the choice to get wed with rich person.Instead of finding a rich individual you should be do endeavors on you and get to be yourself the individual who can procure 100 cr. It is awesome thought and you can without much of a stretch discover your rich trick.


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