Salman khan lawyer

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Salman khan lawyer   Mr. Salve a former solicitor general of india is the most expensive lawyer of india when salman khan was sentenced for five year prison. Mr. Salve Salman khan lawyer fought his case after this sentence that he will be handed for five years in prison while salman went to his home with in one hour and salman felt relief after giving his case to Mr. Harish Salve . He has a more power as well as his charges as a fees is more. He doesnt come cheap. His fees for one hour is 30 lakhs.
He stay overnight in 5 star hotel including 1 class air ticket.
His team also stay in the same hotel. Expeness for one night is around 2 laks. He also fought the case of Ratan Tata.
He go just for shopping to London. He spend his holiday in goa with his Bentley.
He fought the case of Mukesh Ambani and his fees was 15 crore.

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