Shocking News: A murderer was working in Kapil sharma Show

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OMG. A murderer was working in a Kapil Sharma show.

You will be shocked to read that a most popular comedy shows Kapil Sharma Show. The team of this show stole millions heart and spread smile on their faces. Viewers laugh into burst.  You will be shocked to listen that a murderer was working in this show His name is Ram Abhishek Singh who was a criminal, working in a show as a script writer. He writes many scripts for this show. He absconding from Uttar Pradesh from many years, he escaped from UP Police because he murdered a person and after this incident he started to stay in Mumbai.



Police identified him and arrest him on Thursday. He was leaving in Mumbai with fake id and names. He was arrested from his Paying guest room.

Reports are that he attempts this murder in 2009 in Mehazanpur, in a village of Azamgarh. He is grandfather was killed his family members were killed, he was successful to escape from death where as he fled and he was carried reward of 30000 to arrest.

After arresting him MBA degree and miscommunication degree was along with him. No other documents and things have been availed with him.