Sister is proud of her brother heinous chat on social networking

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Now it is going to common that guys send the messages to unknown girls through social networking and start to chat with each other, become friend and few of them become life partner. So these social networking are connecting people. But some of them are taking it to disadvantages. Here is a hilarious chat on which is a jerk and harassment of many women.
Here is Rahul Sutradhar who is jerks with girls, harassment them and send obscene massage to the girls. If you face such a situation don’t shy expose it in public and harass them in public.
Rahul Sutradhar a married guy working in MNC in Gurgaon send massages in a group of women. The massage he sends them not able to describe from mouth.
A guy Tahir Talha comes across with this guy when he sends massage to several women group. Talha decided to expose him in public for his derogatory and he had done many efforts.
Talha posted but it was reported and removed so he changed the language and did again along with screen shot of many girls who received massage from Pervert.
Talha said that Rahul send massages to girls but not getting the response from simple massages he turned into nuisance and vulgar messages.
Watch and read the inbox and check out how much he drooped down his level of dignity and respect.

Source of the Images :-  rajnikantvscidjokes
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Found this Image disturbing or inciting religious hatred ? Please report [email protected]
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