Top Remarkable facts about Lesbian and Gays

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Teen ages Gay committed suicides frequently due to the cause of politically conservative reason.

Mostly Gays are left handed.

California is the first state where the bill has been passed of requiring public school where students can study about gay and lesbians.

Lesbians are derived from Greek word. It is derived from island Lesbos. A poetess whose name is Sappho described in her poetry about the love for girls and highly appreciated of women.

The pink triangle was the symbol gay men were required to wear in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Lesbians were sometimes required to wear a black triangle.

If you want to recognize the gays you can see the pink triangle in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. And lesbians wear black during black triangle.

Same sex marriage is legal in many countries in Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Norway and Spain. But it is performed in Mexico.

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