TV actress more popular due to controversy

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TV stars are becoming more popular as Bollywood stars. They are famous not only for their talent but also for their controversy.

Ankita  Lokhande is being in the controversial due to slapping to her husband so many times because Sushant Singh did some awkward scene in the movie.

Deepika Singh slapped her costar on the stage while shooting when he was misbehaving with her.

Gauhar Khan was slapped by a stranger in the public on the set of the reality show. That man claimed that Gauhar Khan paid him some amount for creating this drama. She has done it just for the public stunt.

Shweta Tiwari was in the news headline for so many days due to her Ex husband. He abused him physically.

Pratyusha Banerji is the star of the Balika Wadhu serial. He files against her boyfriend for abuse her and harassment of her father.

Shruti Seth was  campaigning selfie with daughter at that time she was accused opposing PMO Narender Modi.

Rashmi Desai Sandhu was in trouble due to her marriage and coming back to the stage of Nach baliye  with Nandish.

Divyanka Tripathi was in news due to break up with her boy friend and photo shoot with Radhe Maa and the post become viral.

Source : Bluegape

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Deepika Singh

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