Two year kid was called a witch and expelled from community in Nigeria.

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Even Now a day’s people are educated and they are living in the tech era . but in some area of the world, due to illiteracy and poverty  superstitious is taking place. Here is a real incident which will make you burst into tears after listening what happened with an innocent boy of 2 years old.

It is a shocking and thrill incident that a small boy was expelled from his family and community just because of superstitions that he is witch. His family abandoned him. He was rescued from a young charity girl Anja Ringgren Loven Africa. This ill toddler was found in the street who is just about to die due to starving . He was staring last eight month. This girl made drink him water from her own bottle and wash him because his body was covered with worms and took him to the hospital.

This Nigerian ill toddler was thrown in the street.

Ms Loven fed him water and wrapped him in a blanket.

She shared this post on face book with a statement that she has seen many kids who are abandoned from their family considered as being witch they are tortured and killed.

She appealed to the FB user to pay the medical bills of this expelled child. The treatment is to remove the worm from his body.

She and her husband are building an orphanage for such kids in late January.

She named him Hope and Now condition of Hope is stable. She said Hope is a strong boy.

Hope plays with her own son. He is now much better.

Ms Loven runs a centre to provide them food, health care and education.


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Source :- wittyfeed

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