Unknown facts about Airtel 4g Girl You should now

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4G Airtel girl get popularity too much in few days with an airtel ad. She is well known due to this ad. Most of the public like her. Do you know her family background?

Personal profile-

  • Name- Sasha Chettri
  • Age- 19 years
  • Twitter username – RickshaRani
  • Twitter Account- https://twitter.com/RickshaRani
  • Location – Bhopal
  • Nationality- Indian

5 facts You need to know about Airtel 4G Ad Girl with some unseen pics- From past couple of months social media is all set to make jokes of Sasha Chettri who is the latest girl getting featured in Airtel 4G Ads.

She keeps entertaining us in India Cricket matches with her cute looks. Here You will come to know about some unseen images and life story of Sasha Chettri and how she got so much viral in the industry in such short duration. 

Little cute girl Sasha Chettri seems very jolly in real life too. We have seen her twitter profiles where she is famous as Richshaw Rani.

Here is the facts we know about Sasha Chettri viral Airtel Advertisement girl.


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