Views of celebrities on bad movie ban

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Government banned bad movie sites so Indians are giving their opinion General people as well as Celebrities also reacting. on tweeter . They are expressing their views .

Sonam Kapoor :- Tweeted.. Ban idiots who think if they will ban bad movie site they will change the mentality of Indian.

Ekta Kapoor :- bad movie ban? I hope govt is not going to ban our bed activities. Very fabulous and smart decision.

Ram Gopal Verma:-  Ban those who ban bad movie.

Chetan Bhagat:- bad movie is a anti freedom . Not smart decision. They are managing private life.

Uday Chopra:- Indian Govt bans bad movie. Do they think it will remove the sexual crime . I wonder.

Poonam Pandey:- bad movie ban… So what Ponam Pandey to hai na.

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Source :- movietalkies

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